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Foster Academic Excellence

Our commitment to academic excellence means continuously providing the types of learning experiences that students need to make a difference when they graduate.

By funding support for academic excellence, we can provide students with experiential learning opportunities through graduate assistantships, research, global and service learning, and academic enrichment services including career exploration and learning support. It’s how our students have achieved excellence and success in their academic and professional careers again and again.

At the heart of our reputation for excellence in academics is our outstanding faculty, who use an array of engaging and innovative tools and methods to enhance and individualize learning for each student. Our enrollment is increasing in numbers and diversity, and we must meet this growth with funding to recruit and develop top-quality faculty to carry forward our traditions of success.

Just like our students and faculty, we’re continuously striving for excellence in all that we do. That’s why we’re asking for your support on this ambitious campaign journey – so that we can further enrich Gannon’s academic experience, offer innovative research and program opportunities, and recruit and retain the best faculty.

headshot Quyen Aoh


Associate Professor of Biology

“Academic excellence means preparing students to excel in their next phase of life, whether it’s a medical school student, a teacher, or researcher. Our students obtain not only the knowledge to succeed, but the skills and confidence to navigate and explore new directions and probe deeper into existing interests. Moreover, our students learn to use their knowledge and skills to contribute positively to society.

This definition of academic excellence extends to our faculty as well, who model it through continually seeking to improve their own development as field experts and productive and contributing citizens of the Erie community.”


City of Erie

“Gannon has been transforming downtown Erie over the last 50 years by remodeling buildings where businesses had left and constructing new buildings from 10nth Street north. I-HACK is the most recent great example of this. Beyond the physical improvements in downtown Erie, Gannon also promotes transformation in our way of thinking. One of the biggest initiatives here is in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion … We are very lucky to have Gannon University in downtown Erie.”

headshot mayor schember

We believe in the possibilities that will come when you join our campaign – the ones that inspire generations of students, faculty and alumni to pursue bold opportunities that transform them and those in their communities across the world.