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Ruskin Campus

Gannon established a campus in Ruskin, Fla. in 2014 as an innovative response to the increasing demand for high-quality graduate education in disciplines that serve the rapidly expanding health care sector of the local economy. The additional space increases the opportunity for Gannon University students, prospective students and faculty to help meet the need for health professionals in a state where the population of both older persons and school-age persons is growing.

The 80,000-square-foot Ruskin Academic Building is the focal point of the Florida campus, housing 18 offices, a simulation learning common, classroom and laboratory spaces, a spiritual center, and study hall. Students have already begun using the first-floor academic space, and the second floor will be completed in the future. Additional plans include building out the third floor to use as rental space, allowing Gannon to further engage with our Ruskin neighbors and health care partners. Funding will support these campus enhancements and attract master- and doctoral-level students in the health sciences as we increase our student body from the current 340 students enrolled in Fall 2021.

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