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Gannon Fund

Leveraging the Gannon Fund: $10 Million

The Gannon Fund bridges the gap between the cost of educating students and the price that students pay to obtain this education. Gifts to The Gannon Fund support the greatest needs and emerging priorities of the University, as well as provide students with immediate access to financial and educational resources that they depend on to be successful.

Your gift to the Gannon Fund is an expression of your confidence in Gannon’s mission of excellence in teaching, scholarship and service and commitment to our future. You’re also contributing to our alumni donor participation rates that impact collegiate rankings, bolster the value of a Gannon degree, and lead the way for corporate partners to invest in Gannon’s future. Every gift – no matter the size – makes a difference in the lives and educational experiences of our students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

More than 95% of Gannon students qualify and receive financial aid. Your gift will continue this tradition of accessible education, which was born out of founder Archbishop John Mark Gannon’s vision of providing a quality, affordable education that is based on virtue and talent.

Faculty and Academic Programs

Contributions strengthen Gannon's ability to recruit diverse and highly qualified faculty, who provide individualized attention to students through an impressive 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio. It also drives innovative research and academic programming opportunities that are enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

Student Experience

Our students become leaders by engaging in campus organizations and activities that also enhance personal and academic interests. Beyond campus, they explore and impact the world around them through immersive cultural experiences, community service and other academic learning opportunities. You can cultivate these and other life-changing experiences for students through your gift to the Gannon Fund.

Greatest Needs

Your gift to the Gannon Fund has an immediate and transformative effect on campus. These gifts ensure we have the resources needed – from faculty recruits to new classroom and laboratory technology – to support students and prepare them to be global citizens and leaders in their community upon graduation.


occupational therapy doctorate program

Watching the growth and success of Gannon at both campuses is amazing. I am excited to see where the growth of Ruskin will take Gannon. I believe there are endless opportunities for Ruskin to make a big impact on the Gannon name, and I hope to be a part of the growth and success of Gannon at both campuses long after I receive my doctorate.”

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We believe in the possibilities that will come when you join our campaign – the ones that inspire generations of students, faculty and alumni to pursue bold opportunities that transform them and those in their communities across the world.