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Gannon University’s Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge, or I-HACK, is a six-story, 100,000-square-foot facility that serves as the global headquarters for academia and industry to design, integrate and protect cybernetic intelligence and data systems worldwide.

The University formally opened I-HACK in February 2021 and rolled out new degrees in cybersecurity and cyber engineering as a call to meet the increasing industry demand for highly skilled cyber professionals.

I-HACK houses classrooms, open collaborative spaces, faculty offices and new cutting-edge laboratories where students learn to design technology and deploy tactics to prevent and protect against cyberattacks. The facility was also designed with a cyber network infrastructure that boasts equipment from leading industry brands so students can study real-world scenarios of network and cybersecurity threats.

I-HACK’s upper three floors is where we will bring together students, faculty and corporate partners to collaboratively design, integrate and protect cybernetic intelligence and data systems.

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Our donors can join us on the forefront of this innovation by supporting endowment and development of the lobby and second and third floors. Giving opportunities include scholarships, research positions, a faculty chair, professorships, research and development projects, internships and equipment acquisition and replacement.

Gannon’s investments into I-HACK’s development and venture to advance cyber education is thanks to the generosity of many community and individual donors who have shown tremendous support for the University:

  • Pierre McCormick ’79 donated to develop the Pierre McCormick Cyber Learning Center, also known as the academic heart of I-HACK.
  • Stacy M. Juchno ’98 made a gift to create the Juchno Cyber Innovation Fund, which aids faculty and staff recruitment and development efforts.
  • Erie Insurance provided a gift to develop the Hatchery, a collaborative innovation space that will combine industry and professional development with academic creativity and learning.
  • Extreme Networks donated and committed to a partnership to provide cutting-edge equipment and software, as well as industry certification opportunities through Extreme Academy to students who are the first in the country to obtain them.
  • The George I. Alden Trust provided a grant to develop the Geographic Information Systems Center for Education and Engagement.

You can join us on the forefront of innovation at I-HACK by engaging in our naming opportunities for the building, as well as other giving opportunities that include scholarships, research positions, a faculty chair, professorship, research and development projects, internships, and equipment acquisition and replacement.